Die mordserie des nsu - eine reise durch deutschland / 2014-2017

The National Socialist Underground (NSU), a far-right German terrorist group uncovered in November 2011, is held responsible for a series of racially motivated murders of eight Turkish and one Greek immigrant, the murder of a policewoman, the 2001 and 2004 Cologne bombings and a string of 14 bank robberies. After 13 years of living in hiding, the group was discovered in fall 2011 when two of its members were found dead – presumedly having committed suicide – after a bank robbery in Eisenach, Germany. Since May 2013, Beate Zschäpe, the last surviving member of the terrorist group, and four alleged supporters stand accused before the Munich Higher Regional Court of the aiding, abetting and/or founding of a terrorist organization.

During the last three years I travelled across Germany to visit both places and people that are associated with the NSU case. It was a search for traces attempting to capture the consternation the NSU case had caused: I wanted to understand how a country looks like, in which a far-right terrorist group was able to murder ten people unhindered - everything under the eyes of German state authorities. I talked to people who had contact with the NSU trio during their youth, I visited the trial in Munich, I portrayed survivors of the cologne bombing and landscapes that played a role during the trios youth in the 1990s in eastern Germany and the time they went underground. 

The story was published in SZ Magazine's special issue about the NSU trial (1/2016), Stern Magazine and the Swedish Newspaper Sydsvenskan.